23 (research data) things are here for you!

  • Use as a self paced learning activity or as a refresher
  • Adopt it as suggested training for all staff
  • Contextualise it for your discipline or situation
  • Adapt it to meet your specific research data knowledge needs

The 23 (research data) things program was rolled out by ANDS during 2016. More than 1500 people participated from across Australia, New Zealand and beyond. The program formally ended in October 2016, the materials developed for 23 (research data) things will remain available on this ARDC github repository.

Every effort is made to ensure things and activities remain current, so please submit a GitHub Pull Request to our ARDC-23-things repository if you discover a broken link or have suggestions for a more recent example.

You can also submit an issue with a clear description of your updates. Alternatively, contact the ARDC directly

Ideas for reusing these materials

The possibilities are endless! The materials developed for the 23 (research data) things program can be used however you wish. Some ideas and suggestions are below:

Self-directed learning activity

Individuals or small groups can work through the program at their own pace.

  • Step through the 23 ‘things’
  • Have a choice of three learning activities for each thing: Getting started, Learn more or Challenge me
  • Do all 23 or ‘cherry pick’ the things you most need to know or have an interest in

Customise things for different audiences

  • Change the activity links to showcase your data services
  • Select a few things to offer as a 1 hour workshop
  • Adapt several things for specific audiences and discipline

Run your own short courses

The materials and resources you need are in the training materials section. Run some short courses for your work group, new inductees or other groups at your institution.

  • Crash course covers the first 12 things: can be run in three hours
  • Sprint to the finish covers things 13 - 23: can be run in three hours

Shorter sessions:

  • Things 1-8: excellent introduction to the basic concepts
  • Things 9-16: valuable for those who need more in-depth information
  • Things 17-22: more technically focused for those wanting to understand how tools, apps and APIs support data

If you have questions or comments about any of the things you can share them by tweeting to @ardc_au or in the Data Librarians Slack Workspace.

Training materials for reuse

All 23 (research data) things materials are licensed under a Creative Commons Attribution 4.0 licence (CC-BY), meaning you can reuse and republish with attribution to the Australian Research Data Commons (ARDC).

We want you to use, adopt, adapt and contextualise the activities and materials. Return to Thing 9: Licensing data for reuse if you are not sure what the CC-BY license allows you to do. If you do adapt the materials, and are willing to share what you’ve done, please submit an issue or a pull request and we’ll add them to the tool-kit. Let’s share as much as we can!

Source material of all 23 things

The source material is available in Markdown format from the 23 things GitHub repository. Markdown is a light weight markdown language that can be converted into a number of different formats, including HTML.

Examples of reuse

Topic specific workshops

Adapt and contextualise for specific groups of people

Customise for your institution

  • Edit to include your own services and examples.

Target specific groups

  • Higher degree research (HDR) students
  • Research assistants
  • Early career researchers (ECR)
  • Newly awarded grant recipients

Institutional examples of reuse

Adapt, don’t just adopt. Customising and contextualising is key. Use examples from your data catalogues, your policies and services, and your key webpages.

Have you adapted 23 (research data) things for your institution? Let us know so we can feature your program here.

If you reuse these materials, we ask that you provide the following attribution in the form of a citation:

Liffers, Matthias, Stokes, Liz, Burton, Nichola, Kelly, Andrew, Honeyman, Tom, Brownlee, Rowan, … Brady, Catherine. (2020). 23 (research data) Things. Zenodo. http://doi.org/10.5281/zenodo.3955523